PHILARM as a leading professional organization for research management in the Asia Pacific Region


PHILARM advances and advocates research management as a profession, career, and a mechanism for scientific and technological innovation, productivity and sustainable development.


1. Promote the institutionalization of research management as a profession, a career, and a tool for the management and development in the Science & Technology (S&T) sector
2. Catalyze the development of research management organization in the Philippines and Asia Pacific Region


1. Strengthening of research management capability of PHILARM members and research organizations in Asia Pacific Region
2. Formulation and advocacy of policies on research management 
3. Enhancing complementation and sharing among agencies through networking
4. Formulation and implementation of client friendly and demand-driven research management programs
5. Resource generation to support research management programs


1. To conduct conferences, symposia, fora, workshop, seminars and trainings on research management
2. To produce information, education and communication (IEC) materials on research management
3. To create a pool of research managers
4. To prepare position papers and recommend policies supportive of research management
5. To encourage the establishment of research management organizations in Asia Pacific Region

For copy of the Constitution and By Laws, click here.