To date, the Association is composed of close to 1,700 members from various government agencies (DA, DOST, DENR and attached agencies), Local Government Units, State Colleges and Universities, private agencies, non-government organizations and international institutions (from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Nepal).

Classification of Members

Members are classified and defined as follows:

  • Regular Members - Those who have been paying their annual dues and other dues of the Association regularly
  • Life Members - Regular members who have paid full amount of life membership dues as provided for in Section 4 of this article and those who are or have been members of the Board of Directors
  • Honorary Members - Those who have been accredited by the Association for their outstanding accomplishment and contribution to the field of research management
  • Institutional Members - Those institutions/organizations (Non-Government Organization or Government Organization) which have applied and have paid the full amount of membership and annual dues
How to Become a PHILARM Member? 

1. Membership to the Association is open to all individuals and institutions/organizations who are involved in research or who are performing managerial functions in the research system in addition to any of the following: 

1.1. Individuals and institutions/organizations of all nations who are actually engaged in promoting the objectives of the Association

1.2. Individuals who have conducted/completed/managed at least two or more researches


2. Requirements

Those who wish to join PHILARM should submit the following to the Chairperson of the Membership Committee (MemCom) of the Regional Chapter nearest to the applicant:

2.1. Filled-up application form (endorsed by a PHILARM member)

2.2. Two (2) two by two recent photo (individual membership)

2.3. Curriculum vitae (individual membership)

2.4. Profile (institutional membership)


3. Processing Membership Applications

3.1. Receiving of applications (all applications shall be submitted to the Chairperson of Regional MemCom)

3.2. Summarization into listing by Regional MemCom

3.3. Screening of applicants by the Regional MemCom

3.4. Preparation of list of qualified applicants by the Regional MemCom

3.5. Presentation to the Regional Chapter Officers and Board of Directors for the approval or disapproval

3.6. Informing applicants about the status of application and forwarding list of approved members to the National MemCom; collecting of fees and dues from the successful applicants

3.7. Induction of members (during national convention/regional activity)


4. Fees and Dues

4.1. Fees are payable after the approval of the membership application and the notification thereof.

4.1.1.      Membership fee: PhP 500

4.1.2.      Annual due: PhP 500

4.1.3.      Institutional Membership fee: PhP 5,000

4.1.4.      Institutional Annual due: PhP 1,000


4.2. For individual membership, the single-payment of life membership fee of Php 3,500 can be availed after approval of application and payment of the membership fee and the initial annual due.


Institutional Membership Application Form
Institutional Update Form