RDE Management Training


  • Promotion through R&D networking and linkages
  • Co-sponsoring and resource-sharing
  • Mobilization and utilization of expertise from the general membership
  • Interactive and experiential
Learning Methods
  • Participatory discussions
  • Group workshops
  • Regular Training Program includes prototype training courses developed and offered to qualified and interested R&D managers/staff for a fee.
  • Customized Training Program is consist of courses designed and conducted based on specific training needs of requesting agencies and institutions.
Training Courses

1. R&D Management Course presents basic management concepts, tools and techniques for R&D planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

    1.1. Basic Concepts & Principles
    1.2. R&D Planning
    1.3. Implementation of R&D Plans & Projects
    1.4. Monitoring & Evaluation
    1.5. Resource Generation & Management

2. R&D Project Development Course focuses on skills development for research problem identification, proposal preparation, packaging and presentation.

    2.1. Problem Identification & Prioritization
    2.2. Research Proposal Preparation
    2.3. Packaging Proposals for External Funding
    2.4. Presentation of Proposals for Evaluation

3. R&D Project Prioritization and Planning highlights the importance of proper planning and presents useful R&D project planning and decision-aid tools.

    3.1. Planning as a Management Function
    3.2. Prioritization & Decision-Aid Tools
    3.3. Strategic Planning
    3.4. Goal-Oriented Project Planning

4. Strategic R&D Planning provides basic knowledge and skills for assessing status and directions of R&D organizations, as well as formulating plans and achieving goals.

    4.1. Basic Concepts & Principles
    4.2. Internal & External Assessment
    4.3. Formulation of Vision, Mission & Goals
    4.4. Identifying Key Result Areas & Performance Indicators
    4.5. Action Planning

5. Goal-Oriented Project Planning (GOPP) provides concepts and hands-on experience in problem analysis, goal setting, and detailed project planning.

    5.1. Basic Concepts & Principles
    5.2. Problem Analysis
    5.3. Objective Analysis
    5.4. Alternative Analysis
    5.5. Participation Analysis
    5.6. Project Planning Matrix

6. Managing R&D Organizations/Researchers presents how R&D managers deal with the organizational dynamics and interpersonal relationships in a research unit/organization.

    6.1. Nature of an R&D Organization
    6.2. Research Project System
    6.3. Management of Interdisciplinary Teams
    6.4. Interdependence of Researchers & Support Staff
    6.5. Managing Conflict
    6.6. Leadership & Motivation

7. R&D Monitoring and Evaluation deals with M&E concepts and tools for research managers to effectively control and direct R&D endeavors.

    7.1. Organizational Parameters of Performance
    7.2. Monitoring & Controlling Functions
    7.3. Documentation of Research Process/Activities
    7.4. Evaluation as a Research Activity
    7.5. Evaluating Research Projects

8. Special Skills Development for R&D Managers includes an array of technical and special R&D management topics (resource generation, networking, proposal packaging, technical writing, statistical and economic tools for analysis) specifically designed for interested research managers.

    8.1. Resource Generation & Management
    8.2. Networking & Resource Mobilization
    8.3. Packaging Research Proposals for External Funding
    8.4. Technical Writing
    8.5. Presenting Research Proposals/ Results for Evaluation
    8.6. Statistical Tools for Research
    8.7. Basic Tools Economic Analysis
    8.8. Budget & Financial Management

How to Avail Customized Training Program

1. The interested agency/institution shall submit a letter of request addressed to the PHILARM President.
2. Meeting shall be scheduled to identify the needs, focus, scope and availability of resources.
3. PHILARM Continuing Education Committee shall prepare the customized training proposal.
4. The schedule of the training program and other administrative arrangements shall be finalized.