Social Responsibility Award

General Guidelines

Nomination for the Award

1. The nominee should be a PHILARM member (but not a current member of the PHILARM Board) of good moral character, has attended at least one of the two national conventions, has no back dues or a life member.

2. The candidate should be officially nominated by a PHILARM member.

3. The letter of nomination and  pertinent supporting documents should be submitted on or before  February 28 of every year.

4. All nominations should be addressed to the Chairperson of the Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC).

5. List of nominees including their nominations and supporting papers will be reviewed and officially endorsed by the ARC to the PHILARM Board of Directors for the final evaluation and decision of the award.

6. The recipient of the award shall be notified by the PHILARM Board so he/she can confirm his/her attendance to receive the award during the convention.

Criteria for the Selection of the Social Responsibility Awardee

1. Research effort within at least three years that has contributed to increase food security of the poor as evidenced by scientific publication or duly documented report. (50%)

  • Subordinates sent to pursue degree programs (6%)
  • Subordinates sent to pursue non-degree programs (6%)
  • Career development (e.g. promotion, incentives, two years after his/her term (6%)
  • Awards received by the staff (6%)
  • Awards received by the office/organization programs implemented that are related to research (6%)

2. Capability to generate resources for his/her agency (20%)

  • Spin-off projects (10%)
  • Value of resources generated (10%) 

3. Policy advocacy/innovations which enhance effectiveness and efficiency of research and development operations of the agency (15%)

4. Local and international linkages established (15%) 

  • Local or international linkage (10%)
  • Clientele impact (5%)

5. Membership in professional organizations (6%)

  • As member (2%)
  • As officer (4%)

6. Awards received as R&D implementor/manager (14%)

  • As implementor (6%)
  • As manager (8%) 


1. A plaque and cash prize will be given to the recipient of the SRA.

2. Certificate of Nomination will be given to the official candidates for SRA during the convention.

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