WC Medrano Best RDE Management Paper Award

General Guidelines

Mechanics of Participation

1.  The members/participants shall be encouraged through an invitation to submit technical papers on their research/experiences on RDE               management that are related to the theme of the convention.

2. The paper should be an original and unpublished research results or documentation of RDE management experiences of the author(s).

3. The paper should contain information about the current experiences and research results that lead to improved RDE programs/ projects of the agency, unit or organization.

4. The paper should focus on any of the following: (1) Management and Control System; (2) External Linkage and Networking; and (3) Organization Management and Support Services

5. Full-length paper should be computer printed, double-spaced with a font of 12 in Times New Roman in an 8 ½” X 11” bond paper. It should be well-organized, concise and should contain information on the following: 

  •  Title Page (Title, Author/s and their Designation and Agency, Address and Contact Numbers)
    • Title of the paper should all be in capital letters. In case the title exceeds one (1) line, it should be in an inverted pyramid form.
    • The underlined full name (s) of the author (s) starting from the first/given name
    • An asterisk must be placed after the name of the author who will present the paper.
    • In cases where the paper has many authors presenting one or different institutions, superscript numbers should be used to indicate the author’s corresponding position, institution if applicable and address.
    • The use of abbreviation is not accepted. 
  • Abstract (The length should not exceed to one and one-half pages).
  • Rationale
  • Objectives
  • Methodology or specific RDE Management experiences/strategies
  • Discussion/innovations
  • Conclusion
  • Policy implications
  • Recommendations 

6. Only full-length paper submitted shall be considered for initial screening. 

  • Deadline for submission of full-length paper is on June 30, 2018. Electronic copy of the paper should be submitted through email: philarmsecretariat@gmail.com.

7. Selection of papers for competition: 

  • All papers submitted will be screened and evaluated for the award and presentation during the convention.
  • Official communication will be sent to author (s) of the papers that have been considered for competition.

8. Presentation of papers: 

  • The use of visual materials (e.g. powerpoint presentation, transparencies, slides, etc.) is encouraged.
  • In case power point presentation will be made, the presenters are advised to submit to the PHILARM Secretariat a CD copy of their presentation upon registration during the convention.
  • Text of slides and transparencies should be easily read from a distance of about 15-20 meters.
  • Actual time allotted for the presentation is 20 minutes including the question and answer portion.
  • The presenters are also advised to bring copies of the full paper for distribution to interested participants during the convention. 


1. A plaque and cash prize will be given to the author (s) of the WC Medrano Best RDE Management Paper.
2. Certificate of Recognition will be given to the presenters of the RDE Management Paper during the convention.

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